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Hi! I'm chibi, well, I am not little but when I was little, people called me chibi, so I grow up (a lot) and I still chibi, I am brazilian and 15 years old. Well, here you will find things about Harry Potter and animes. (GUILTY CROWN OMG) and the new ones like Zetsuen no Tempest (ZETSUEN NO TEMPEST OMG) and etc... Hope you like it :D
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ur art style be like


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Makishima vs. Kogami // Pencak Silat Martial Arts

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5 Centimeters per Second 

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i wanna marry somebody cuter than me but sadly…i am the cutest :/

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seduce me with ur history knowledge 

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

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you fucking salmon

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Ok so I can’t make this post all formal because I need to do this quick because we’re running out of time.

These are Maui Dolphins and they are one the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen. They are only found off the west coast of New zealand’s North Island. They only grow up to 1.7m long. 

Just today I found out there are only 55 of them left in the world and it makes me sad seeing my favourite animal facing extinction. So I need your help to spread the word and sign this petition to help save the last 55. All you need to do is enter your name, email address and the country you live in. It’s not that much, guys! 

Help make a difference

Please sign the petition and spread the word!

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well I could have told you that

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fucking majestic as fuck peacocks like g’damn

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if you can’t animate a woman

have you ever considered that maybe you have the wrong job

What kind of necromancer even are you

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If you don’t feel any need to reblog this unfollow me.

holy fucking shit. i hadn’t heard what spikes were until i saw the post so i googled it and literally could feel all my hope for humanity sinking. i’m about to cry. what the fuck is this shit? that’s barbaric! where the hell are they supposed to go? you do realize that the cheapest solution would be to invest in shelters and job help programs and stop homelessness, not just put fucking spikes up and say “out of sight, out of mind” no fuck you those are humans treat them as humans.

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Popping someone’s bubble of ignorance and forcing them to deal with reality.

That’s actually a really literal description of this gif

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